Meet Scott & Charlene’s Son; Daniel

Australia, meet Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan’s TV love child Tim Phillipps and Kylie and Jason, meet your boy.
he 26-year-old Adelaide-born actor has scored the biggest headline role on Neighbours since Bouncer was a pup — playing Daniel Robinson, the never-before-seen son of Scott and Charlene.

Set to make his first appearance on the Channel 10 soap next Tuesday (April 29), Phillipps admits he was too young to remember when his character’s parents wed — in an epic episode which made local TV ratings history and launched the UK careers of Minogue and Donovan.

But thanks to YouTube, the Animal Kingdom star has been getting a crash course on his grease monkey mum Charlene, while taking a closer look at father Scott’s sensational 80s hairstyle.

When that TV pairing drove off into the sunset in 1989, leaving Erinsborough for a life unknown in Queensland, the show had reached its zenith of popularity — with Minogue and Donovan building on the exposure to chase musical and acting stardom in London.

Now their TV son, Daniel will return on a roadtrip south, dropping in on his uncle Paul (Stefan Dennis) and reacquainting himself with the place his parents first found love.

“He’s just your happy-go-lucky, hippie-at-heart nature boy,” Phillipps says of his new role.

“He’s not coming in with dark secrets, he’s not coming in with baggage, he’s just happy to be alive and soaking up life.”

After trying his luck in Hollywood for two years, Phillipps has returned — along with his Kiwi actor girlfriend Jessica Rose — to take up the nice guy gig.



“He’s a super loving guy and sure to fall in love with someone,” Phillipps said. “I know due to the history and popularity of Scott and Charlene, I’m sure the writers are excited to find him a beautiful love affair.”

And once he’s grown out his hair, Phillipps said there should be no stopping his alter ego, joking: “the mullets always get the girls.”

Vogue Refuses To Work With Terry Richardson Again

Terry Richardson is back in the spotlight, and it’s not for a good reason.
On the heels of a new scandal involving the embattled photographer, Vogue made clear it has “no plans” to work with Richardson in the future, telling Us Weekly:
“The last assignment Terry Richardson had for US Vogue appeared in the July 2010 issue and we have no plans to work with him in the future.”

It all started when British model Emma Appleton tweeted a screenshot of a message she said was from Richardson.
Her tweet of the message went viral soon after she posted it.
The model has since deleted her Twitter, while a Richardson spokesperson told Buzzfeed’s Kate Aurthur that the message is a fake.

A representative of Terry Richardson says RE the Emma Appleton text:
“This is obviously a fake. Terry did not send this text.”—
Kate Aurthur (@KateAurthur) [April 20, 2014]

Appleton later took to her Instagram account to address the situation.


Richardson has been repeatedly under fire for his alleged inappropriate behavior on set. Several models have come forward to discuss their experiences working with him, including Coco Rocha, who said she’s shot with him before but “won’t do it again.”

Despite this, he remains one of the most prominent photographers in the fashion world, successfully shooting a bevy of beauties ranging from Kate Upton to Beyoncé. He shot nearly nude photos of Miley Cyrus that went viral last year. In March, Richardson defended himself against the “cycle of Internet gossip and false accusations” in a column called “Correcting the Rumors,” which appeared on The Huffington Post.
you can read that article here

Over the years, I seen photos of Richardson’s that I’ve liked, I own the “Gaga” photo book, but that’s more because it is her, and not because he was the photographer.
however, I did some goole image searching of him while researching this post, and found multiple images on here of him and his wang, fwapped out for the world to see. there were also pictures of what appreaed him to be tongue deep in some poor girl’s va jay jay.

He looks like that creepy uncle that everyone warns their younger siblings about – What do you think about this?

Drag Race UK

Jonathan Ross is searching for Britain’s next top drag superstar.

The chat show host has revealed that he is producing a UK version of reality TV sensation, RuPaul’s Drag Race, which will see the best of British drag queens fight to prove that they have the necessary charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. Drag queen DJ Jodie Harsh is also involved.

“I’ve been working with Jodie on a UK version of RuPaul’s Drag Race,” Jonathan told the Daily Star. “Unfortunately we have had to take a break because of some family issues. But we’re hoping to pick it up again in the near future. I am definitely serving ‘middle-aged-realness.”

Fronted by legendary drag queen RuPaul, the US show is responsible for bringing the likes of Sharon Needles, Willam Belli and Jinkx Monsoon to the wider world’s attention. It also attracts stars like Khloe Kardashian, Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey and TV host Kelly Osbourne as guest judges.

Jonathan added: “I love drag and I love Meth – the performer – as well as Betty Bottom Dollar. I think it’s a fabulous art. I am a huge fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

Gaga Celebrates Her Birthday In Multiple Outfits

I wanted to call the post “Gaga Celebrates her birthday in style” but then I looked at the photos of what she wore, and realised that I’d be lying.
She declared Friday ‘the best bday ever!’

Lady Gaga, opted to celebrate turning 28 by kicking off her seven-night residency at the Roseland Ballroom in New York.

‘Time to give Roseland the goodbye it deserves, with all the roses in NY!’ she tweeted to her 41.1 million followers. ‘ITS SHOWTIME BABY!’
The outlandish pop diva brandished a rose-adorned keytar onstage the 52nd Street theatre, which will soon close its doors after 56 years, with Gaga being  the final performer to take the stage at Roseland before its transformed into a 59-storey residential tower.

‘It’s basically the only room in the city I haven’t played,’ Gaga told The New Yorker, noting that Manhattan clubs are ‘where I learned to be bold.’

Now, for the fashions Gaga donned during the day and throughout her first night at the Ballroom.









What do you think of Gaga’s outfits?

Here is the full setlist from Gaga’s birthday performance
Born This Way (piano)
Black Jesus – Amen Fashion
Bad Romance
Sexx Dreams
You And I
Just Dance
Poker Face (piano)
Artpop (interlude)

To end this post off, here’s a video of Gaga at The Roseland Ballroom performing Applause.


Tim Burton’s Poppins

Fuck yeah!
Tim Burton announced today on his Facebook page that he will be teaming up with Disney to continue Mary Poppins’ story in the movie ‘Poppins’.
It looks like we’ll be seeing a very different side of Mary.
Not much else is known about it at this time, but we do know that it will be released in November 2016.

W ho else is excited for this?

Introducing Horny Toons

For the times you just can’t find the words to describe a male model’s beauty, or exactly what you’d do to him if he were in your bed, let Horny Toons do the talking for you.
Horny Toons is the kind of brilliant Tumblr that happens when the Internet and Photoshop get together and have passionate sex. It’s a collection of hot male models and (sometimes) fully-nude pornstars in erotic poses, accentuated by wildly excitable cartoon characters doing everything you wish you could — humping, licking, and literally gushing rainbows into ass cracks.





















Wrong Phelps, Dickhead

Fred Phelps Dead: Twitter mourns Michael Phelps, who is NOT dead…
Fred Phelps, the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, died at the age of 84 this week, yet somehow some tweeters mistook him for former swimmer and the most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps.

Following a young British beautician’s remarkable attempt to spell Barack Obama’s name and Olympic cyclist Sir Chris Hoy being mistaken for referee Chris Hoy – again – comes this gem courtesy of some knee-jerk tweeters.