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‘Kill The Faggot’ Video Games Appears On Steam Greenlight Site

There are no words to describe for how I feel about this.
Steam, a downloadable games site launched its Greenlight initiative some years back to encourage DIY game developers to share their creations. But the campaign has received numerous fake and offensive submissions—most recently the first-person shooter Kill the Faggot.

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Tasmania Passes Religious Freedom Bill Allowing Schools Refuse Gay Students

Tasmanian’s are the butt of most jokes in Australia. The inbreds live there, they have two heads, sleep with their cousins, that kinda thing. Now they have a new reason to embarrassed.
Tasmania’s lower house has passed a bill that would religious schools in the Australian state to refuse LGBTI students on grounds of their beliefs.
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Kylie vs. Kylie

Kylie Jenner attempts to trademark famous first name. Yes, really.
By the time Kylie Jenner was born in 1997, Kylie Minogue had become a TV star, released five albums and had four UK number ones under her belt.

But never mind that – because Miss Jenner reckons she’s the most famous Kylie in the land.
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