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What Does gaga’s Meat Dress look Like Now?

Though it may seem hard to believe, it’s been five years since Lady Gaga wore a dress made of raw meat to the VMAs. While the iconic dress lives in our memories forever, we were curious about where it was living, like, right now.

As anyone who has bought steak with the intent of cooking a nice dinner for herself and then totally forget about it and left it on the fridge knows, raw meat doesn’t exactly, um, have a long shelf-life.

So, what was its status five years later?
Did it rot?
Did they throw it away after the show?
So many questions.
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No Solo Careers For One Direction

Official One Direction sources are clearing up the mess The Sun made a few days ago. A headline reading “This Is The End” on Tuesday had the world mistakenly believing the best-selling band were calling it off – when really, the article itself stated 1D were simply taking their first ever vacay after a relentless five years on the road.

It was a smart move after losing a member due to their rigorous schedule and intended to establish them as a normal act who takes normal breaks, like any other act does between albums, rather than a ruthless money-making machine.

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VMAs Will Have Slight Delay Due To Miley Hosting

She’s known for being wild, provocative and free – exactly why MTV asked Miley Cyrus to host this Sunday’s Video Music Awards – but they still have to abide by the rules.

“There’s a chance for anything,” VMAs executive producer Van Toffler says of Cyrus to Billboard. “She feels like the perfect host. She’s that that great marriage of music credibility, candor, she uses social media so well to express herself and she’s provocative and chaotic and unpredictable, everything we want for this show.” Continue reading


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