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Halloween Crazes for The Past 25 Years

Check out this awesome pictograph I found showing the top Halloween costume crazes for the past 25 years!
What are you planning on wearing for Halloween this year?

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27 Of Zac Efron’s Most Man Candiest Moments

To celebrate Zac Efron’s 27th Birthday [yes, 27th] on the 18th of October.
To celebrate, everyone at PCG [just me], wants to give you a Zac Efron sized birthday post, with 27 of his most man candiest moments.

Moments like, when he put his shirt on like this

Or the time he and Dave Franco were practicing their squats on a gym ball
Or when he walked around in wet white underwear like this

How about the time he forgot to put on a shirt, and only wore his house key around his neck, then stared at us like this

Or when he was standing there all cool and shit while Dave Franco check out the bulge in his trackies

Could it be when he danced shirtless on screen and let the woman slide her hands on his perfect ass

Or when he stood shirtless in the shower during the final High School Music movie

Or when he walked towards us like this

What about when Rita Ora ripped his shirt off at the MTV Movie Awards

…And then continued to walk around with no shirt on

Do you remember when he did the old “wink and grope” move?

Or when he called us over to dance with him

It doesn’t matter what he’s doing…
He could be laying around in bed in his underwear…

…Planking naked on the toilet…

…Running his hands over his abs
suit suit2

Or basically anytime he was shirtless.
Like here

Or here

Or here

Or here

…Even when he’s dressed up, like this

Or this…

Zac Efron is






And for that, we wish Zac a very happy 27th birthday, and salute him for his hotness!

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Kesha Sues Dr. Luke for Sexual Assault & Battery

Kesha has filed a lawsuit against producer Dr. Luke, claiming he was sexually, physically, and emotionally abusive towards her for a period spanning 10 years.

TMZ obtained the lawsuit which features a number of claims; among the most troubling are that he allegedly forced her to snort “something” before boarding a plane, after which he forced himself upon her, and that he gave her what he deemed “sober pills” after an evening of drinking – she woke the next afternoon naked and sore in his bed with no memory of events.

Referring to that alleged incident, the lawsuit states: “Ms. Sebert took the pills and woke up the following afternoon, naked in Dr. Luke’s bed, sore and sick, with no memory of how she got there. Ms. Sebert immediately called her mother and made a ‘fresh complaint,’ telling her that she was naked in Dr. Luke’s hotel room, she did not know where the clothes were, that Dr. Luke had raped her, and that she needed to go to the emergency room.”

There are also claims of a violent attack in his Malibu house, which forced her to flee barefoot down the highway and hide in the mountains.

Kesha’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, told TMZ (presumably after they broke the story): “This lawsuit is a wholehearted effort by Kesha to regain control of her music career and her personal freedom after suffering for ten years as a victim of mental manipulation, emotional abuse and an instance of sexual assault at the hands of Dr. Luke.

“The facts presented in our lawsuit paint a picture of a man who is controlling and willing to commit horrible acts of abuse in an attempt to intimidate an impressionable, talented, young female artist into submission for his personal gain. Kesha is focused on moving her life and her career beyond this terrible time.”

As part of her suit she is requesting to be let out of her contract with the producer – Dr. Luke countersued hours later, claiming this was actually the reason for her case, and that it was concocted by Kesha’s mother (who co-wrote a few of her hits) and a new management company. His lawsuit claims the pop star is attempting to exhort him, and has threatened to do so in the past.

His lawyer, Christine Lepera, told TMZ that Kesha’s lawsuit is part of a wider campaign “of publishing outrageous and untrue statements.” He also used the word “scurrilous.”

Kesha’s attorney quickly rubbished the countersuit, telling TMZ: “This is just another pathetic and entirely predictable example of Dr. Luke’s continued abuse, and a misguided attempt to keep Kesha under his tyrannical control. This lawsuit has absolutely no basis in fact, the law or reality. Kesha is focused on reclaiming her voice and her freedom. She is determined to move on with her life and her career by putting this dark period behind her.”

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Matt Bomber, Neil Patrick Harris + Everything You Need To Know About AHS: Freak Show

With episode 2 of AMerican Horror Story freak show only a few short sleeps away, here’s a few things you need to know about the leatsest installment in the AHS franchise

1. Freak Show’s theme explained.
Murphy joked that he hopes “people are scared shitless” by the carnival-themed season. Getting serious, he hopes that people learn about the discrimination and prejudice that freak show performers suffered through. “It’s a metaphor for the type of outsiders that are mistreated,” he said. It’s a frequent theme that Murphy has explored before with shows like Glee and Popular. Freak Show, he said, will be true to the story of what happened to many carnival performers. “They were the biggest movie star people in the 1920s and ’30s and then TV became the new freak show and a lot of people were put in asylums, some were killed by mobs, some became alcoholics and died in the gutter.

… What happened to this group of people is an American horror story. I hope people take away a respect for what this group of people went through, which I found to be very moving.”

2. The death rate will likely be the same.
While every season of the FX anthology is a complete reset, Murphy said the Freak Show body count is “similar” to Murder House, Asylum and Coven. “That’s a consistent thing from season to season that doesn’t alter,” he said, adding that the scares for Freak Show will be done in a different way.

3. It’s more realistic.
When someone on Freak Show is dead, that’s the end of the road. It’s a change from Coven, when the benefit of witchcraft allowed some of the show’s characters to come back to life. It’s one of the main differences this season that also features a show (Lange’s titular freak show) within the show. That said, Murphy said he feels like the show can go 10 or 15 years — and without him. “One of the GREAT joys of doing this show is because you can pause when it ends and step back, and me as an artist to be able to step into different things, this show can go 10 years, 15 years,” he noted. “It’s never ending in many ways. I may not always be doing it, but someone could come in and do 13 episodes and make it their own. That was the idea from the beginning.”

4. Lange’s future with the series isn’t so cut and dry.
While his Emmy-winning leading lady has said that Freak Show is likely to be her last installment of American Horror Story, the prolific producer has high hopes that he can sweet talk her into returning — in some capacity. “Before I was met with a quick “no” and now I’m hearing, ‘Let’s keep talking,'” Murphy said. Ultimately, it’s going to be about the character that Murphy conceives for the actress, whom he said came up with the idea to do Freak Show.

5. Expect a fifth season of AHS.
Murphy told reporters he already knows what season five of the anthology will be. “There are clues in the first few episodes about next year’s series, where that’s going to be set and who somebody is going to be playing,” Murphy teased. As for the cast, expect Paulson to return. “I’m working on next year’s anthology series, and I’ve already reached out to three actors I’ve loved forever,” he added, noting one “real TV legend” approached Murphy on a red carpet and asked if he could be a part of it.

6. Clues in the opening credits.

As he has done in the past, there are clues to what to expect in the title sequence of Freak Show. And that includes the woman who has a leg where her private parts should be. “That creature is fascinating and could appear,” he said.

7. The Killer Clown’s back story will be explained.
The central villain of Freak Show is John Carroll Lynch’s horrifying clown, Twisty. Murphy said it would be “weird” to do a show set at a circus and carnival and not feature a clown, admitting that he’s aware of the society’s fear of clowns. “I’m much more afraid of Bloody Face (from Asylum) and Rubber Man (from Murder House),” he said, noting that her personally finds home invaders, people wearing masked and anyone cloaked in darkness horrifying. As for what made Twisty so horrifying, look to episode four for answers. “There’s a big story that explains the clown and what he’s doing that’s based on an urban myth we uncovered,” he said.
“Our take is very unusual.”

8. There may be a role for Neil Patrick Harris.
The former How I Met Your Mother star expressed hope for a guest gig on the FX anthology, and Murphy is working on something for the multi-talented actor. “He’s game; he had very specific ideas about what he wanted to do and I have specific ideas. We’re working on melding those,” Murphy said, noting that if it does happen, it would be later in the season to accommodate Harris’ busy schedule. “I’d love to see him and Jessica Lange go at it in a really fun way and Neil seems intrigued by that notion. We’re inching forward.”

9. Matt Bomer’s role is revealed.
While Murphy was light on details about the role the Normal Heart alum has in Freak Show, he said Bomer would be featured in episode five, where something “horrible and dastardly” happens. It’s a seven-page scene with Bomer and Chiklis that Murphy says is “really f—ed up” and “maybe one of the most disturbing things we’ve ever done and a true horror scene.”

10. Expect another Halloween two-parter.
Wes Bentley plays Edward Mordrake, a character is based on a horror myth of a man with two faces. Murphy said the annual two-parter is based on the legend of Edward Mordrake and how carnival “freaks” would take Halloween off because they believed their music would summon Mordrake to collect one of them and take them to hell. “We took that myth and ran with it — and that’s the episode where Jessica sings Lana Del Rey.”

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Matthew Smith From ANTM Cycle 21

I was sad to see Matthew eliminated in the last ep of America’s Next Top Model, so I’m doing a post to remember this stud
See what I mean – HOT!
MS1a MS2
Ugh…So hot. 
I mean…How do I get me some of that?

Matt caused some controversy, with fellow contestant, Will Jardell, who is the only gay contestant this cycle of the show.
Matthew & Will AKA Willthew, set tongues and blogs a-blazing, when they kissed during a party at the Top Model house. Of course this was not caught on camera – rude – but, they did share a few steamy moments in the Spider Bite perfume challenge
After all this went down on the show, Matthew came out with the “no labels” stance – Hey! No judgement here, he’s so hot, I’m sure he could pull any ex he wanted. I’m sure there even some lesbians somewhere that wanna taste of Matthew.

But, fuck me, look at the sexuakl tension between these two…
Willthew1 Willthew2
Willthew3 Willthew4

Lastly, here some images of Matthew from the October issue Ellements Magazine
And, to end the post…


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Bad News For Alexander Skarsgard Fans

If you’re an Alexander Skarsgård fan, chances are you’ve seen/drooled over/reblogged/written fan fiction about this photo.
It’s been doing the rounds for years…and was even included in this official looking True Blood promo…
well, bad news bears time time, because…
The photo is actually of Eric Nies, a cast member from the very first season of MTV’s The Real World.




doubleup doubleup2
The image is from a 1993 photo shoot.
Some thirsty ASkars fan got their hands on it and elongated the body, paled the skin and got rid of the underarm hair….
…And stuck Skarsgård’s head on Nies’ body, of course.

This is what his body ACTUALLY looks like…
Which is quite different from the manipulated photo [that we've all fallen in love with]
It’s still great though…
VERY great.


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