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50 Reasons Why We Love André Hamann

He’s been posted on here a few times and for various reasons, but we’ve never really truly spoken about WHY he all love André Hamann. So, I’ve put together 50 reasons why we love him as much as we do, and to help get my point across, I’ve included so visual aids.

Reason 1: He looks good with a filter over his photos

Reason 2: He looks good close up while overlooking Cape Town

Reason 3: He looks good overlooking Cape Town from further away

Reason 4: He looks wearing a hat, shirt and with his arms folded

Reason 5: He looks good wearing hat, pants and nothing else

Reason 6: He looks wearing a hat, pants and not much else while standing infront of mountains

Reason 7: Even when he’s wearing clothes, he looks hot

Reason 8: See…still hot

Reason 9: Still clothed, still hot

Reason 10: And, one more to prove he’s hot even with clothes on

Reason 11: He’s musical as well as a model

Reason 12: He has abs

Reason 13: Lots of them

Reason 14: Yup. They they are

Reason 15: Clothed again, and still sexy

Reason 16: Santa hat? Sexy.

Reason 17: Black and white? Sexy.

Reason 18: His bedroom eyes…

Reason 19: He likes to offer you food

Reason 20: …And a place to lay down for a post-breakfast snack

Reason 21: Speaking of naps…Imagine waking up to this every morning

Reason 22: He looks hot standing shirtless and wet on a beach…

Reason 23: …And in a pool

Reason 24: He has really nice tattoos that he likes to show off

Reason 25: All.

Reason 26: Of.

Reason 27: The.

Reason 28: Time.

Reason 29: He wears a suit well

Reason 30: And has an adorable smirk

Reason 31: That Looks good…

Reason 32:  In any

Reason 33: Situation

Reason 34: Even when he’s posing like he’s on Baywach, he’s a sexy muthaf**ka

Reason 35: He’s so generous, he’ll share is sun bed and drink with you

Reason 36: While he doesn’t wear speedos, his swim trunks still make us swoon 37

Reason 37: Because serious selfies are hot

Reason 38: So are shirtless bedroom selfies

Reason 39: Holding a cup of coffee in a open shirt selfie is equally as hot

Reason 40: Tight shirts lt us see everything, even when he’s covered

Reason 41: That Face, Bead and Bicep combination.

Reason 42: Those pecs

Reason 43: Are so hot.

Reason 44: He has a cat

Reason 45: His eyes.

Reason 47: His arms.

Reason 48: His body [it’s worth another mention]

Reason 49: His back.

Reason 50: Wow.

If you can think of any more reasons why you love Andre, let me know below :)

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A-Z of 2014: XXX Leaked Photos & Videos [NSFW]

If 2013 was the year of the selfie, 2014 was defiantly the year of the nude selfie.
Many male celebrities were caught with their pants down, and of course, Pop Culture Gay is here to remind you of those photos…

First off, let’s start with Kenny Brian
The bearded openly-gay Big Brother Canada contestant, went viral in April when nude photos leaked of his rather impressive endowment.
tumblr_n490o8UDyT1s65t9oo1_500 tumblr_n490o8UDyT1s65t9oo2_500

Next, let’s get in the pants of 5SOS hottie, Callum Hood
5 Seconds of Summer band member Calum Hood made no effort in denying that he is in fact the person behind a leaked snapchat showing his fully erect penis that began circulating in late August. The explicit video showed an unidentifiable man taking a mirror selfie while dropping his underwear to expose his obvious boner. Hood responded to fans Thursday night on twitter saying, “Least ya know what it looks like now.”
– We certainly do, Calum.

Former Marine & Bravo’s ‘Below Deck’ Star Kelley Johnson is next on our list
Ex-Marine Kelley Johnson and star of Bravo’s reality series Below Deck, made sparks fly online after photos of his impressive “Johnson” made its way online in October.
tumblr_ncxuqoAWBO1qa0p3wo2_500 tumblr_ncxuqoAWBO1qa0p3wo3_500

Another Marine with his pants caught down in 2014 was Alex Minsky
25-year-old U.S. Marine and world renowned amputee underwear model, Alex Minsky, leaked some naughty x-rated photos in February.
alex-minsky-nude alex-minsky-nude-2
Ellen’s Gardener, Billy is next on our countdown
A nude photo-set allegedly showing Billy Reiliech, Ellen’s hunky gardener, set Tumblr on fire in October…
tumblr_ncrw2woR9m1s65t9oo2_500 tumblr_ncrw2woR9m1s65t9oo4_1280 tumblr_ncrw2woR9m1s65t9oo9_1280
To see the rest o the NSFW pics, click here

Now it’s time for everyone’s favourite Texan body builder, Mike Hoffman…
Amateur bodybuilder Michael Hoffman leaked several wickedly hot x-rated videos back in September, one of which featured the muscled hunk stroking himself to completion and then enjoying his own goods.
tumblr_ncbz2jwjIB1s7twfho2_400 tumblr_ncirfaULtc1s65t9oo4_400 tumblr_ncirfaULtc1s65t9oo6_400
Click here to see more of Mike

Lastly, we have Usher
A long-rumored sex tape featuring Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Raymond has apparently found its way online over the Christmas holiday.

663769_600 664006_600
The screengrabs allegedly showing Tameka performing oral sex on Usher were supposedly leaked when a video camera was stolen from the singer’s car in 2010, and his lawyer has been trying to prevent its release ever since.

The anonymous thief has been peddling the video for years according to TMZ and it has apparently been sold to the highest bidder.

There you have it.
Was your fave leak on there? If not, let me know below who you’d like to have seen on the list.

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Instahunk: Nathan McCullen

He’s hairy, good looking, has a great sense of style, he’s got an amazing body and it’s all on instagram for you to see
I love looking at Nathan’s Instagram profile [@isnathan] – besides the fact that he’s gorgeous, and has an incredible body, he also has a great sense of style and likes to show off what he’s wearing through the eyes of an intsa-lens. 2
He also has a great tumblr account bangarangblog 3 4 5678911
You can also check out his workout vids on his insta account…believe me, they’re worth it.
12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Capture


A-Z Of 2014: J is for Jack Donnelly

The sexy Atlantis star gets another post on PCG, because…just because.
United We Fall, films
Jack was born 1986 is known for his roles in House of Anubis, Threesome and Misfits. More recently, the British hunk has been setting hearts racing in the BBC drama,
Atlantis, where he plays the hero Jason.
For a show aimed a children, Jack sure has shown a lot of skin in the two seasons it has been on air…
jd1 jd2 jd3 jd4 jd4

Jack recently appeared in the Sex issue of UK gay mag, Attitude.
Wanna more of Jack? Click here to see him featured in other PCG ports

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Gay Ass Cardio Discography [Part 2]

1. Britney Spears: Break The Ice [Manon Dave Remix]
2. Marina And The Diamonds: How To Be A Heartbreaker [Dada Life Remix]
3. Madonna: Girl Gone Wild [Offer Nissim Remix]
4. Kylie: Timebomb [Italia3 Remix]
5. Kelly Rowland ft. David Guetta: Commander [Extended Dance Mix]
6. Rye Rye ft. Robyn: Never Will Be Mine [Kat Krazy Extended Mix]
7. Rihanna: Where Have You Been [Calvin Harris Extended Remix]
8. Selena Gomez & The Scene: Hit The Lights [Dave Aude Radio Remix]
9. Katy Perry: Teenage Dream [Kaskade Club Mix]
10. Ke$ha: Tik Tok [Untold Remix]
11. Bjork: Earth Intruders [Xxxchamge Remix]
12. Tiesto ft. Tegan & Sara: Feel It Bones
13. Icona Pop: Manners [Deniz Kurtel Remix]
14. M.I.A: Matangi Mix

1. Sky Ferreira & Aeroplane: Without Lies [Breakbot Remix]
2. Big Sean ft. Burka Som Sistema: A$$ [Alex Young Remix]
3. Solange Knowles: Losing You [Junior Sanchez EVR RAD Mix]
4. Madonna: Lucky Star [MAchine Moustache Remix]
5. D.veloped: I Love That Feeling [D.licious Live Edit]
6. The Jane Doze: Habits [The Jane Doze Club Edit]
7. Britney Spears: The Hook Up [Richard L. Tramp Mashup]
8. Kylie: Wow [’95 Royale Remix]
9. Ciara: Body Party [Tittsworth Tranny Remix]
10. M.I.A: Boyz [Calvin nivalC Radio Edit]
11. Christina Aguilera: Bobblehead [Tonic Remix]
12. Butch Clancy ft. Amy K: Far Away From Me
13. The xx: Do You Mind [Archmenesis Remix]
14. Lana Del Ray: Lana Del Ray [Kullkid Remix]
15. Robyn: Dancing On My Own [E-603 Remix]

1. Madonna: Frozen [Monsieur Adi Remix]
2. The xx: Angels [Bodhi Remix]
3.  Beyonce ft. Andre 3000: Party [IAMNOBODI Remix]
4. Coyote Kisses: Black Cat
5. Diplo ft. Mike Posner, Boaz Van De Beatz & Riff Raff: Crown
6. Kylie: Skirt [Matthew Dear Remix]
7. Yuna: I Wanna Go [Faustix & Imanos Remix]
8. Selena Gomez: Slow Down [BFMIX Remix]
9. Britney Spears: Piece Of Me [Mysto & Pizzi Dance Remix]
10. Rihanna ft. Mark Ekko: Stay [Phipps Summer House Remix]
11. Afrojack vs Sidney Samson vs Danny Howard Vs D-Wayne vs Ftampa vs BBK: As Your Friend [HellFire Bootleg]
12. Cayetano ft. Valla: Feel [Teddy Killerz Remix]
13. Janet Jackson: Someone To Call My Lover [Girrafage Remix]
14. Justin Timberlake: Suit & Tie Oliver Nelson Remix]
15. Lorde vs. Biggie: Can I Get A Witcha Love Club [Carter Mashup]

Gay Ass Cardio 1-4


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